My first SLR Camera "Zenit 130" which I bought in 1999.


When I start the Journalism work on 1999, I have used to hold the camera in my hand all the time to cover the news, events, accident...etc.

At the beginning it was little hard to use the SLR camera without getting some training on the basics & fundamentals of photography, for this I get many advices from some friends to having a simple camera in order to use it simply, but I was looking for challenge of using it and try to improve my photographic skills.

Now after I get the professional training of photography, the photography in not just an assistant field to the journalism work, it gonna be a main field, a great hobby & sophisticated art, which I am ready to dedicate a lot of time, effort and money for it, and every time I feel very happy when I access to the results and takes more beautiful and more wonderful shoots than the previous times.